Action Groups

The BCTLC resulted from a shared vision from teaching and learning leaders at BC post-secondary institutions. Before we officially became the Council, several of our members envisioned and acted intentionally to bring together, recognize and leverage our pockets of expertise and interests. These grassroots efforts were aimed to address current issues, to better support the educators and administrators we advise, as well as our staff and to provide us with a network of supportive colleagues.

Now that the BCTLC is in place, our commitment and orientation towards shared goals are reflected partly through the work of our action groups as described in this section.

Through a survey of Council members and a facilitated discussion during the June 9 Spring Council Meeting, the following three Action Groups were assembled with the intentions to undertake activity that would have an impact and come to some sort of conclusion at the end of a year. In this way, members could participate on related activity, report out at Fall and Spring Council meetings and draw activity to a close after a year (should membership change).

Three Action Groups (see sub-sections of this site for more detail, membership and meeting dates)

  1. Advocacy
  2. Professional Learning
  3. Resources