Leaders in Teaching & Learning in British Columbia

Who We Are

The British Columbia Teaching & Learning Council consists of a community of leaders from British Columbia’s public post-secondary education system. Our mission is to provide local, provincial and national leadership on issues, challenges, and directions around teaching, learning technologies, scholarly practice, student learning, and related topics to facilitate the enhancement of high-quality teaching and learning cultures across the B.C. system.


BCcampus is pleased to partner with the BCTLC and provide support for its operations through financial, logistical, technical and planning contributions. In addition, BCcampus is a voting member of the BCTLC. The BCTLC and BCcampus share a powerful common goal: fostering impactful learning in BC post-secondary institutions. We believe this can be done through inter-institutional sharing (resources, people, ideas, time, experience, etc.), and participation in a strategic provincial professional learning framework of opportunities for faculty, leaders, educational developers, and other staff in the sector.”

Mary Burgess, Executive Director, BCcampus

BCTLC West Coast Teaching Excellence Awards

An awards program is to celebrate excellence in teaching in the publicly-funded colleges, institutes, and universities of British Columbia and the Yukon by acknowledging those individuals who exemplify such excellence.

BCTLC Members May 2019 at Camosun College


Members of the BCTLC are grateful to live, work, and be in relation with people from across many traditional and unceded territories, covering all regions of British Columbia. We are honoured to live on this land and are committed to reconciliation, decolonization, and building relationships in our communities and schools.

Suggested Land Acknowledgements for Institutions in B.C.