The British Columbia Teaching & Learning Council  (BCTLC) is a community of leaders from British Columbia’s public post-secondary education system with a mission to provide local, provincial and national leadership on issues, challenges and directions around teaching, learning technologies, scholarly practice, student learning, and related topics to facilitate the enhancement of a high quality teaching and learning cultures across the BC system.

Here is an overview of activity to date. Feel free to browse the site for more details as the Council evolves.

  • June 2014 – Leadership Summit held at SFU Harbour Centre (Leadership Summit June 2014 – Photos (Flickr)
  • Summer/Fall 2014 – Ad Hoc Governance Committee drafts BCTLC Constitution
  • Fall 2014 – consultation with VPAs to appoint institutional representatives
  • February 2015  – Membership confirmed
  • March 2015 – nominations for BCTLC  executive officers (Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair)
  • March 2015BCTLC Executive Announced
  • June 9 2015Spring General Meeting of BCTLC in Vancouver
  • November 12, 2015 – Fall General Meeting of the BCTLC in Vancouver
  • February 2015 – nominations for BCTLC executive officers (Chair(s) and Chair-Elect(s))
  • June 9, 2016 – Spring General Meeting (last day of Festival of Learning), welcoming Chair Vivian Forssman
  • June 2017 – Spring General Meeting, welcoming co-Chairs Theresa Southam & Maureen Wideman.

Questions about BCTLC? Please contact tracy@bccampus.ca (Tracy Kelly, BCTLC Community Liaison)

Spring 2015 Council Meeting (Afternoon)