On behalf of the Nominations Committee – we are now accepting nominations for 2 executive positions on the British Columbia Teaching & Learning Council (BCTLC):

Chair (1-year term)

The Chair shall arrange meetings, consult with members in the preparation of agendas, distribute agendas at least ten days in advance of meetings and liaise with affiliates and other relevant organizations. The Chair must have demonstrable managerial, public relations, record-keeping, and technology and communication skills. In some cases, there may be Co-Chairs sharing the Chair role.

Chair-Elect (i.e., incoming Chair)

A Chair-Elect who shall perform Secretarial and Communications duties internally, namely maintain a current list of members, maintain minutes of meetings, and organize communications with the Officers and the membership, and who shall fulfill the Chair’s duties should the Chair be unable to or absent.

Summary of Duties and Expectations of Officers

Please see p. 3 of the BCTLC Constitution for a more detailed description.

  • provide leadership guided by the mission and purposes of the Council
  • attend all BC-TLC meetings, be familiar with details of the BC-TLC Constitution
  • contribute to Council discussions and votes
  • secure funding from your own institution to attend BC-TLC meetings
  • Note: Current co-Chairs Stephanie Chu (Director, Teaching & Learning Centre, Simon Fraser University) and Liesel Knaack (Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning, Vancouver Island University) will both take on the role of Co-Past Chair.

Nomination Process

Deadline for Nominations: March 15, 2016

Submit your nomination by emailing in confidence Peter Arthur (peter.arthur@ubc.ca, Nominating Committee Chair)

Members of the BC-TLC are invited to nominate themselves, and/or encourage a fellow member of the BC-TLC to self-nominate.

Nominee profiles will be put online for the purpose of member review in advance of voting, to take place online between Mar. 18-23, 2015.

Key dates are…

Mar. 15 – deadline for nominations
Mar. 18 – 23: online vote (anonymous, one vote per institution)
Mar. 24 – Chair and Chair-Elect announced

Some useful links/resources/info:
https://bctlc.ca includes links to constitution, membership list, etc.
bctlc@bccampus.ca is an email distribution list you can use to send email to all BC-TLC members

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either us,

Teresa Dawson
Member, BC-TLC Nominating Committee

Peter Arthur
Chair, BC-TLC Nominating Committee
Past Chair, BC-TLC