Note: This press release was generated with ChatGPT and edited by my current students to demonstrate the potential risks and benefits of emerging artificial intelligence tools in education.

West Coast Teaching Award badgeCeleste smiles against a vibrant backdrop of green botanical plants. She has long curly hair and wears a black shirt.Student agency is defined as the process of students to taking ownership of their own learning and making their own decisions about their education. Dr. Leander has been recognized for creating a classroom environment that empowers science students at UBC to take charge of their learning by holding space for them to set and achieve their own learning goals, thus allowing students to have a deeper understanding of the material.

Through her innovative teaching strategies, such as “ungraded” assessment, students are encouraged to take an active role in their education, increasing student engagement and motivation. Dr. Leander has also implemented a variety of methods to ensure that all of her students, regardless of their backgrounds and/or learning style, have the opportunity to succeed by providing them with the autonomy to lead their own research projects.

In course evaluation feedback, Dr. Leander has been praised for her ability to create a positive and inclusive classroom environment. The use of collaborative class discussions and a focus on building strong relationships with students has allowed her to foster a safe and supportive space so that students not only succeed in the class but also feel empowered to apply what they learn outside the classroom and feel satisfied with their progress as learners.